Family Portraiture Session Information

What to Wear???
Here are some guidelines!

{one: color coordinate}
• color coordinate without matching one another too much
• find a color or two and use different shades on everyone
• coordinate colors without everyone wearing pants (e.g. girls in dresses)
• try not to overdo the colors you choose, trying have some people in the picture just have a slight color pop (e.g. red shirt popping out of a blazer or bring out your color in just accessories)

{two: don’t be afraid}
• don’t be afraid to use patterns
• find one or two fun patterns and use that as your base
• if one or two people in the picture are in patterns, the rest should be in coordinating solids to match

{three: redo the traditional}
• go simple and traditional but add something new
• do traditional colors in a trendy fashion
• do white or black with fun accessories or props
• go simple clothing but use a bright and fun location

{four: go for style}
• use bright colors
• get fun shoes (colorful shoes, impractical shoes, boots)
• accessories (hats, scarfs, hair pieces, belts, glasses)
• layer
• go vintage

{five : be yourself }
• after all this just remember that pictures are meant to capture you and your family, so be you!
• if you are a casual family, go casual. if you love style, go stylish!
• bring props that capture you, your family, or your kids. (cute bike, guitars, wagons, fun skirts for girls)